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Cosmetics from Nature

Make-up that’s good for your skin!

For a long time my mother refused to wear any make-up of any kind for any reason. Finally I convinced her to try the make-up I had been using for a couple of months. The make-up is called Bare Essentuals. She ended up loving it for three reasons:

#1:It’s so light you can’t feel it on.

#2:It doesn’t look like it’s on but, it makes your complexion look much better.

#3:It’s actually good for your skin, unlike other make-up.

I love it as well for the same reasons. I never like to much make-up on at once so Bare Essentuals is prefect for me. Now I have to say that the powder it’s made of does get a little messy while putting it on, but is fairly easy to clean up.

Style or Comfort

The dilemma answered!

For a while now I have searched for stylish shoes that have great support and don’t scrape the sides of my feet off after wearing them for more than five minutes. I think we all have, haven’t we? Well I have to say I found a fairly good pair of shoes at Clarks, which is a hard thing to do thanks to my narrow heel. Clarks has wide and narrow shoes to fit any type of foot. Their Indigo line offers pretty shoes with amazing comfort. The line offers boots, sandals, high heels, and flats. I have to say that it did take a while to find a pair I liked but when I did it was definitely worth it. If you’re in search of a new pair of shoes, it’s worth checking out.

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