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Stylish Technology

If you love your iPod, Kindle, or other tech item, why not give it the best accessories? Not only do most of them protect your device, they look really cool. Most of time your favorite designer will have a line of cases or bags for your laptop or other item. Others just look cool! Here are a few examples:

From top left: Built laptop case,$ 49.95, Case Mate Waddler iPhone case,$24.99,Puma Laptop Sleeve,$49.95, Vera Bradley e-Reader sleeve,$29.oo, Dr. Beat earbuds,$99.95, Hurley laptop sleeve,$39.95, Headphones, $59.95 apple.com, Apple arm band,$29.00, Banana sleeve,$59.95, Kate Spade laptop case,$99.95.

If you are looking for laptop accessories I highly recommend Built. They offer many styles of cases and are very modern and stylish. If you’re looking for a case then go to Case Mate. They have lots of creative cases for a reasonable price. You can also make your own!

Coolest Kid On the Block

If you’re looking to fit into the concrete jungle, then it’s essential to have at least one of these items:

Mac lipstick in Russian Red,$14.50, OPI shatter polish,$7.50 amazon, Miss Me dress,$84.00, Betsey Johnson top,$98.00, Coach tote,$225.00,Forever 21 jacket, $47.80, Betsey Johnson dress,$328.00,Ray Ban shades,$139.00, Top Shop shoes,$150.00, Tiffany & Co necklace,$265.00,Miss Me jeans,$98.00

Rough is to Pretty as Sweet is to Salty

We all know what it feels like to eat something that is sweet and salty. It’s as if your tongue is having a battle with your brain. You like  the taste of it, but there really isn’t any reason to. Your brain tells you not to like it, but on the other hand, your tongue loves it! Eventually, your tongue wins the battle and you decide you love what you’re eating. This is what it’s like when you wear a dress with a tough jacket. There is no reason for it to look good, but it just does! One of the latest trends is to mix classic lady-like pieces and clash them with tough gnarly pieces. It makes for an edgy one of a kind look that can’t be beat! So next time you go out consider wearing your dress with combat boots. Yea, you heard me combat boots.With a dress. Trust me it looks good! Try it sometime.


My absolute favorite store for buying cosmetics is Lush! I absolutely love their lotions. You really have to go to a Lush store to get the full experience. The workers are always really funny and friendly. All of the products they sell are all natural and work really well! They also smell scrumptious! Out of all of the products they sell I would recommend getting Dream Cream, Ocean Scrub, Lemony Flutter, and Lip Scrub. If you want to keep your hands beautiful follow these steps: First, apply Lemony Flutter, then use the Ocean Scrub to get most of it off,  next you rinse off the scrub. Finally you apply Dream Cream all over your hands! This routine will keep your hands soft and moisturized! With winter season looming in the near future it’s important to keep your hands in the best condition possible. 

Bubble Up!

If you’re at a party chances are you’ll see a dress that’s cut to slightly resemble a bubble. Yep you guessed it you’re looking at a bubble dress. They’re in style this year and pretty much every store sells them. Personally, I think they’re super cute! The reason they look like a bubble is all in a thin strip of elastic on the bottom of the dress. The normal ending of the dress is sewn into the elastic, giving it its bubble shape.

Nerdy Chic

Since when are nerds cool? Since now I guess! Now everywhere you look you see shirts and glasses expressing a love for nerds.(Not the candy kind the person kind) Sometimes I have a tendency to linger on the nerdy side of the popularity scale so this trend might be a good thing for me! Here are a few examples of nerd garb:

Most of these are from Delia’s and Forever 21. If you want to get nerded up they are the places to go to!

Fall Colors

I love painting my nails just like very other girl! Since it’s nearing the season for fall colors I thought I might tell you about some of my favorite colors for a fall day. One of my ultimate necessary color for any fall event are plum shades. They’re not to bright but not too dull either! Just like fall!

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