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We all know what it feels like to eat something that is sweet and salty. It’s as if your tongue is having a battle with your brain. You like  the taste of it, but there really isn’t any reason to. Your brain tells you not to like it, but on the other hand, your tongue loves it! Eventually, your tongue wins the battle and you decide you love what you’re eating. This is what it’s like when you wear a dress with a tough jacket. There is no reason for it to look good, but it just does! One of the latest trends is to mix classic lady-like pieces and clash them with tough gnarly pieces. It makes for an edgy one of a kind look that can’t be beat! So next time you go out consider wearing your dress with combat boots. Yea, you heard me combat boots.With a dress. Trust me it looks good! Try it sometime.


Comments on: "Rough is to Pretty as Sweet is to Salty" (2)

  1. lol I really like the way you think about this. I’m always intrigued by the sort of archetypes behind fashions– what makes something “tough” or makes it “sweet”, how these things go together, clash or harmonize. Personally, I feel happiest around women who are generally ladylike, but I have a mischevous love for rough edges and crazy eccentricities. Too, there’s always something fun about coaxing someone into, say, a pair of Docs who would never have thought of it before!

  2. […] I had swimwear on my mind (well, not just any swimwear but–), but, after chancing upon a post at beanperspective, my thoughts turned a 180 to, well, combat […]

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