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My Favorites!

I thought that it might be fun to show you some of my favorite cosmetic items that I use or want. So here we go…

My favorite lip gloss by far is by Bare Essentuals. It gives a pop of shiny color without the heavy look of lipstick. This one is somewhat out dated, but I think they still make it, along with other types. The Pretty Amazing kind is more updated and is really awesome too.

 As far as really defined color goes I love the Chubby Stick by Clinique!  You can put it on so it looks like a light layer of chap stick, or make it look like a really heavy application of lipstick. It comes in a variety of shades, the one in the picture is Mega Melon. I also like Super Strawberry.

 For eye color I use Clinique’s Lid Smoothie. It lasts a really long time, but comes off easily with a wet cloth. I really like the purple shade because it matches my eye color, but it comes in lots of other colors.

For perfume my favorite is definitely Harajuku Lovers. They have all sorts of scents and girls. Personally, I think they are really cute! I want all of them but, the one I own right now is Love.

The only type of foundation I will ever use is Bare Minerals. If you remember, my second post was about this! I love it because it looks natural unless you use a lot of it, and actually evens out your skin tone after you use it for a while.

So… for all of you snoopy people, that is pretty much a view of the cosmetic section of my bathroom!

Native American chic

One of winter’s top looks this year is natural styles that look like a modern version of a what Pocahontas wears in her movie. It consists mostly of breezy tribal prints, chunky sweaters, distressed jeans, fluffy moccasins, and bulky jewelry. This can also combine with some of the far-isle items like, animal sweaters. If you’ve ever seen glee(I’m a gleek) the sweaters the character Rachel wears are mostly fair-isle items. It’s definitely a style that has to mostly be winter because of all the sweaters. At least for me, who lives in an area to hot to wear really bulky sweaters until November.

This pair of jeans is a prefect example of Navajo style, and are available at Delia*s.

If you’re wondering what I mean by animal sweaters here’s an example:

               This one happens to be printed with snowflakes, but you get the idea.

Anyways, this a favorite style of mine and I recommend trying it at least once this fall/winter season. Remember, fashion mostly comes from what you think up, not from a set of rules or guide lines. Put your own twist on it! Have fun with it!

Until next time..

Lions and,Tigers and, Bears, oh my! (and unicorns)

I saw this at the mall and thought it was amazingly awesome! It’s not exactly fashion sensible, but it’s certainly fun! It’s also prefect for the winter weather that’s starting to show its self. (40 degrees. I’m a southerner so no making fun of me!:) These particular items are fuzzy animal hats! You won’t believe it until you see it! They have pretty much every animal you can think of! Even the mystical kind! I actually first found out about these when one of my friends saw someone wearing a unicorn one. She looked at me and said,”Sheee hasss aa unicornnn hattttt!!!” (my friend loves unicorns). Here’s a couple picture of them:

Colored Mascara

The only color of mascara that usually comes to mind is black. Plain, sophisticated, elegant, black. Which is in no way a bad thing, but sometimes it’s nice to have a change. So, next time you’re at a cosmetic store ask to look at a different color than black. Even navy looks cool! However, keep in mind that the color you’re buying will look a couple shades darker than it looks on the brush, especially if you have dark lashes. Bright blue is my personal favorite color when it comes to mascara. NYX makes a nice shade of this blue, which  I own and enjoy a lot! It’s also one of the cheapest kinds you can get, so it won’t hurt your wallet. It’s not something you would wear everyday, but it’s fun to have!

Don’t Throw it Away!

We all have them, worn out to big tee-shirts. Don’t throw them away! Take a cami or tank top and put on the old tee and tie it back with a hair tie and you’ve got a finished look, and you’ve found a use for your old tee! First step, take the hair tie and fix it the way you would a pony tail on the shirt. You can tie it any where on the shirt, at any length you want. Then, add cool jewelry to make it look especially amazing! Finally,a pair of jeans completes the look! Here’s an example:

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