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I saw this at the mall and thought it was amazingly awesome! It’s not exactly fashion sensible, but it’s certainly fun! It’s also prefect for the winter weather that’s starting to show its self. (40 degrees. I’m a southerner so no making fun of me!:) These particular items are fuzzy animal hats! You won’t believe it until you see it! They have pretty much every animal you can think of! Even the mystical kind! I actually first found out about these when one of my friends saw someone wearing a unicorn one. She looked at me and said,”Sheee hasss aa unicornnn hattttt!!!” (my friend loves unicorns). Here’s a couple picture of them:


Comments on: "Lions and,Tigers and, Bears, oh my! (and unicorns)" (2)

  1. Hi Ellen,
    Enjoyed reading your blog and keeping up with the latest in fashion.
    By the way…I wore a “bubble dress” to a prom in 1959. Fashion never goes away, just rests for a few years.
    Love ya,
    Grandma Judy

  2. hi little miss blog queen — you are great at this! I am proud of you my dear great niece…
    lv and hugs — aunt laurel

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