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Native American chic

One of winter’s top looks this year is natural styles that look like a modern version of a what Pocahontas wears in her movie. It consists mostly of breezy tribal prints, chunky sweaters, distressed jeans, fluffy moccasins, and bulky jewelry. This can also combine with some of the far-isle items like, animal sweaters. If you’ve ever seen glee(I’m a gleek) the sweaters the character Rachel wears are mostly fair-isle items. It’s definitely a style that has to mostly be winter because of all the sweaters. At least for me, who lives in an area to hot to wear really bulky sweaters until November.

This pair of jeans is a prefect example of Navajo style, and are available at Delia*s.

If you’re wondering what I mean by animal sweaters here’s an example:

               This one happens to be printed with snowflakes, but you get the idea.

Anyways, this a favorite style of mine and I recommend trying it at least once this fall/winter season. Remember, fashion mostly comes from what you think up, not from a set of rules or guide lines. Put your own twist on it! Have fun with it!

Until next time..


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