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Four fun gifts and fun ways to wrap them

If you’re struggling to find gifts for the people on your list(like me), I thought I would give some inspiration to get the gift-giving part of your brain dusted of from last holiday season.

For the sporty girl on your list:A Nike running hoodie on clearance: $35. A great gift for any sport enthusiast on your list!

For the brand loving girl:

A coach photo keychain $30. This would be a prefect present with a picture of you and the girl you’re buying it for.

For the lover of sparkly items(or cosmetics, usually they go hand and hand):

This Betsey Johnson cosmetic bag is great for the girly girl on your list, and is made by a famous designer for only $48.

Lastly, for the music lover:

A book that is meant to write songs or compositions in, and includes quotes from famous musicians to get you inspired. Banes and Nobel’s:$7.95

After scouring the internet for a fun way to wrap presents, I stumbled upon this video. Although the way he wraps gifts is gaudy, it gave me a lot of fun ideas. Right click to view.

How to uniquely wrap a gift

Looks like a normal shoe box, but on the inside…

Today, I decided I would pay a visit to a local outdoor/camping supply store to try on a pair of running shoes that I have had my eye on for  some time. The box they come in looks quite normal, but the shoes that come in them are anything but normal.

Tah Dah! Pretty cool huh? These shoes have separate compartments for each toe, and are actually really comfortable. They are meant to give you good posture when running, and to give your feet the flexibility they have when barefoot. They fit your feet like gloves do on your hands, which certainly feels strange at first. After you get used to them you never want to take them off because of the comfort. Besides that they look pretty awesome!

Here’s a couple more pictures of them…

However cool they look or how great they feel on, there is one challenge, and that is to get them on your feet. As you can imagine these things are a nightmare to get to fit the first time you try them on. Your pinkie toe does not want to be forced away from the neighboring area of your foot, causing you to have to wiggle it in to its spot. After a while it starts to get easier as your pinkie toe gets accustomed to being in its own separate area. If you’re looking to buy a pair, I strongly recommend trying them on first.

While at the camping store I thought it would be nice to buy a jacket so…

I decided to treat myself to a brand new banana colored North Face.

Until next time…

Girly Attack!

So usually I try and stay away from scary girly stuff like lace, extremely flowered items,and colorful sparkles, but I have actually come to respect lace and the urban side of its personality. I found an all lace shirt at Kohl’s on clearance and thought,”Hum, not bad.” I snagged it off the shelf and proceeded to check-out. I brought it out once at home and found that the possibilities of what I could wear with it were nearly endless. I then dug out a tee I had gotten in Asheville,NC at a craft fair. An artist there was selling beautiful hand painted tees. One shirt had screamed out to me,”Buy meeeee!” it was printed with a colorful fish. Turns out that hand painted fish and lace turn out to be a pretty good combo. Add a pair of jeans, and,wham! Urban/ Vintage look!


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