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Girly Attack!

So usually I try and stay away from scary girly stuff like lace, extremely flowered items,and colorful sparkles, but I have actually come to respect lace and the urban side of its personality. I found an all lace shirt at Kohl’s on clearance and thought,”Hum, not bad.” I snagged it off the shelf and proceeded to check-out. I brought it out once at home and found that the possibilities of what I could wear with it were nearly endless. I then dug out a tee I had gotten in Asheville,NC at a craft fair. An artist there was selling beautiful hand painted tees. One shirt had screamed out to me,”Buy meeeee!” it was printed with a colorful fish. Turns out that hand painted fish and lace turn out to be a pretty good combo. Add a pair of jeans, and,wham! Urban/ Vintage look!



Comments on: "Girly Attack!" (3)

  1. Very nice combo,
    you have a very good eye

  2. What a wonderful blog…so well written! I wish all of the students at the College I work at in Maryland had your skills! Keep it up!
    Patty Keeton ( in Kent Island)

  3. I love your blog! It has the cool chic things I think while keeping the look fresh. I’m now following you and so excited!!

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