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The Chambray Shirt

Think a Chambray shirt is just for guys? Think again! Just throw one on for a super simple chic outfit! They match with everything, especially printed jeans, and are totally layer-able! They look great under anything and are a great way to turn a summer tee into a fall outfit! Plus, they’re really in fashion right now. So… you will be looking great easily and being in style at the same time! Any way you look at it, it’s a win!.

Steve Madden low heels

Yellow bag

Bare Escentuals matte makeup

Graphic tee

Graphic tee
Never underestimate the power of a graphic tee. Not only are they a classic casual piece, but they also have serious spunk! Pair em’ with some combat boots and a funky necklace and you’ll gain a whole lot of cool-girl style!

Slim jeans

Lace up boots

Swatch watch

Stila beauty product

Diamond Candles

Diamonds are a girls best friend right? Then it’s no surprise that being a girl, I love Diamond Candles! So, what exactly are Diamond Candles? They’re candles that smell amazing and have a ring in them worth $10-$5,000! It is so fun! You want to burn it nonstop to get to the ring! It’s sort of like when you’re a little kid and you eat all the cereal really fast because you want to get to the toy at the bottom. They are just one of those fun things that you HAVE to buy!

A relaxing soak…

School. A very simple thing that adds SO much stress to your life. With projects due, tests to pass, and a need to make good grades unless you want to someday live in a box, it’s easy to get completely frazzled really fast. One of my favorite ways to relive a strained brain is a nice ,warm, bath.  I use it all the time when my math homework doesn’t make sense and especially during swim meets. The warm water seems to melt my stress away! Here are some steps to have a relaxing bath:

1) Add water, hot but not to hot

2) Put in a couple drops of your favorite oil(lavender, vanilla, etc.)

3) Add some epson salt to the bath to prevent pruning

4) If you want, set aside chilled cucumber and apply a face mask

5) Keep your favorite snack nearby so you can munch on it while soaking

6) Have a relaxing soak

New York!

I know I’m a fashion blogger, not a music one, but I just had to post something about my Broadway experience in New York! I have always been a fan of musicals and have dreamed of one day seeing a Broadway show. This past week I saw two shows on Broadway. One was the musical Evita, which was simply amazing. The music and dancing are phenomenal, and the story is a real tear jerker. The swelling meaningful lyrics paired with latin beats will have you humming the songs for weeks after seeing it. It is based on a true story about the queen of Argentina, Eva Peron. As a bonus, the narrator is played by Ricky Martin, who fits the role well. The second show I saw was not a musical, but a comedy called Harvey. It is a hilarious tale about a man who has an imaginary 6 ft tall rabbit friend and his family’s struggle to get him in an insane asylum. There is a movie from the 50’s that is based off the play which is definitely worth watching before going to see the play. The main role is played by Jim Parsons, who is better known as Dr. Sheldon Cooper on the popular comedy Big Bang Theory. I have to say that he does just as good a job live, as he does recorded, and is every bit as hilarious. Unfortunately, the play is only around for 3 weeks, so unless you are going to visit New York in the next few days, you will probably not get a chance to see it. However, if you do, and you have some spare time after the play, rush to the back of the theatre. If you make it soon enough, you can get a spot in line to get an autograph form Jim, and the other cast members. While there, I got to meet him and get a poster signed. It was a great experience!

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