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A relaxing soak…

School. A very simple thing that adds SO much stress to your life. With projects due, tests to pass, and a need to make good grades unless you want to someday live in a box, it’s easy to get completely frazzled really fast. One of my favorite ways to relive a strained brain is a nice ,warm, bath.  I use it all the time when my math homework doesn’t make sense and especially during swim meets. The warm water seems to melt my stress away! Here are some steps to have a relaxing bath:

1) Add water, hot but not to hot

2) Put in a couple drops of your favorite oil(lavender, vanilla, etc.)

3) Add some epson salt to the bath to prevent pruning

4) If you want, set aside chilled cucumber and apply a face mask

5) Keep your favorite snack nearby so you can munch on it while soaking

6) Have a relaxing soak

Best deal ever!

I think this is an amazing deal! It’s the ULTA 5-in-1 color collection! It comes with an adorable envelope styled case, 3 double ended eye liner pencils, 2 mini lip-glosses, and 5 make-up palettes which include 10 eyeshadows and 1 coordinating cheek shade, all for $19.99! The sets come in two colors: Everyday Chic and Downtown Diva. Everyday Chic includes more natural, light colors while Downtown Diva has brighter, richer shades. I own Every day chic and must say that I love it! You should definitely take advantage of this deal before it ends. Also, if you have a local ULTA store be sure to go to their website and check out their latest add once in a while, they always have great sales. Even if you don’t have one near you, it wouldn’t hurt to look at it either. After all, you can always order online!

Beauty products that make you smile!

Meet the Eos team! Natural beauty products that make both your mind and skin happy. Turns out that having a chap-stick in your purse shaped like an orb can make your day seem just a little bit better. Besides looking cool, they actually do work really well! My personal favorite is the hand lotion(The one that looks like a stone).

It leaves your skin super smooth and smelling great! I also really like the chap-stick orbs. The lemon one gives you sunscreen,tangerine gives you medicated relief for when your lips are really dry, and the melon one smells amazing!

Until next time…

Magnetic nail polish

Yes, they do make such a thing.

No, magnets don’t stick to your nails after you use it. Darn! That could have been so cool! Oh well, it still looks awesome! You can get it at Sephora for $16. That may seem expensive, but it’s well worth it! I had seen it in a magazine and thought it was an interesting concept, but didn’t think much of it. I was at the mall a couple days ago and it randomly poped into my head. I headed to Sephora and asked about it; the sales lady took me straight to it. She tested it on my nails while I stood there listening intently to what she was explaining to do. She instructed me to apply a light coat, let it dry slightly, then apply a heavy coat and position the magnet in the cap over my nail. She lifted up the magnet and gasped. It looked so cool!

This is what it looks like on,

Pretty cool huh? Also, you can customize it by operating the magnet different ways! Another bonus, it dries super fast and looks like a pro did it once it’s dry. It comes in a couple of different colors, but they’re all dark because of the iron.

I’m still kind of bummed that don’t attract magnets, but whatever.

Until next time…


My absolute favorite store for buying cosmetics is Lush! I absolutely love their lotions. You really have to go to a Lush store to get the full experience. The workers are always really funny and friendly. All of the products they sell are all natural and work really well! They also smell scrumptious! Out of all of the products they sell I would recommend getting Dream Cream, Ocean Scrub, Lemony Flutter, and Lip Scrub. If you want to keep your hands beautiful follow these steps: First, apply Lemony Flutter, then use the Ocean Scrub to get most of it off,  next you rinse off the scrub. Finally you apply Dream Cream all over your hands! This routine will keep your hands soft and moisturized! With winter season looming in the near future it’s important to keep your hands in the best condition possible. 

Squeaky Clean!

Put your best face forward!

It is extremely important to clean your face at least once a day to keep it looking it’s best.There are so many types of cleansers sometimes it’s hard to find the right one. For me, Loreal Go Clean 360 anti-breakout is the best way to get my face clean. Not only does it come with a cute little scrubby thing to put the soap on, it also contains salicylic acid, to get rid of breakouts. My dermatologist recommends and so far it has worked excellently! It doesn’t smell amazing, but it gets rid of my breakouts! The line offers many different product types for different types of skin. I recommend it highly!


Protect your eyes!

They’re a must have for any girl of any age.  Not only do they look fab but they also protect your eyes from harmful UVA and/or UVB rays. UVA and UVB rays both harm your eyes.  They are equally powerful just in different ways. Coloring on the lenses absorbs the harmful rays that could damage your eyes.  Even if it is cloudy or even rainy outside you can still be harmed by these rays.  Sometimes when it is snowing or if there is snow on the ground it can actually be more harmful because the snow reflects light.  A good pair of sunglasses should protect your eyes from all kinds of UV rays.  So next time you hit the beach or anywhere else bring your shades and MAKE SURE TO WEAR THEM!!!

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