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My Favorites!

I thought that it might be fun to show you some of my favorite cosmetic items that I use or want. So here we go…

My favorite lip gloss by far is by Bare Essentuals. It gives a pop of shiny color without the heavy look of lipstick. This one is somewhat out dated, but I think they still make it, along with other types. The Pretty Amazing kind is more updated and is really awesome too.

 As far as really defined color goes I love the Chubby Stick by Clinique!  You can put it on so it looks like a light layer of chap stick, or make it look like a really heavy application of lipstick. It comes in a variety of shades, the one in the picture is Mega Melon. I also like Super Strawberry.

 For eye color I use Clinique’s Lid Smoothie. It lasts a really long time, but comes off easily with a wet cloth. I really like the purple shade because it matches my eye color, but it comes in lots of other colors.

For perfume my favorite is definitely Harajuku Lovers. They have all sorts of scents and girls. Personally, I think they are really cute! I want all of them but, the one I own right now is Love.

The only type of foundation I will ever use is Bare Minerals. If you remember, my second post was about this! I love it because it looks natural unless you use a lot of it, and actually evens out your skin tone after you use it for a while.

So… for all of you snoopy people, that is pretty much a view of the cosmetic section of my bathroom!

Cosmetics from Nature

Make-up that’s good for your skin!

For a long time my mother refused to wear any make-up of any kind for any reason. Finally I convinced her to try the make-up I had been using for a couple of months. The make-up is called Bare Essentuals. She ended up loving it for three reasons:

#1:It’s so light you can’t feel it on.

#2:It doesn’t look like it’s on but, it makes your complexion look much better.

#3:It’s actually good for your skin, unlike other make-up.

I love it as well for the same reasons. I never like to much make-up on at once so Bare Essentuals is prefect for me. Now I have to say that the powder it’s made of does get a little messy while putting it on, but is fairly easy to clean up.

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