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Summer thoughts in January

Today, I found this beautiful photograph from one of my favorite photographers, Clark Little. He works in Hawaii and gets bashed by waves to get shots like this by using a waterproof camera and hiding under waves. This one is titled,”Avalanche”. I thought it was cool because it actually looks like snow, but it’s actually a wave hitting a sunny beach in Hawaii.Here’s another one that I really liked, although it actually looks like it’s a wave. It’s called, “Beauty in the Beast”.

Can you imagine being on the other end of this beauty? I mean, look at how big it is! It looks like it goes on forever! I don’t believe this guy actually got hit by this and is still alive! Somehow he is, and was able to get this breathtaking shot!

Here is yet another spectacular photo…

This one is called “Explosion”. ┬áThis is one of my favorites of his shots. Look at all of the yellows and blacks!

For the sake of room I decided to make a collage of my favorite photos.

If you like any of these photos, you can find them on his website.


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