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Nerdy Chic

Since when are nerds cool? Since now I guess! Now everywhere you look you see shirts and glasses expressing a love for nerds.(Not the candy kind the person kind) Sometimes I have a tendency to linger on the nerdy side of the popularity scale so this trend might be a good thing for me! Here are a few examples of nerd garb:

Most of these are from Delia’s and Forever 21. If you want to get nerded up they are the places to go to!

Fall Footwear

The latest trends in fall footwear! The most popular trend I’ve seen so far is military boots. There are so many different versions of them! If you are really edgy you can try mixing them with your girliest dress to make a really unique outfit. There are also a lot of booties this season. There are even military booties!

Outfit of the week

This week I selected a top 5.99, cords 9.99, and Converses 14.99: All from Delia’s.


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