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The ultimate cool shoes!

I have to say I am a BIG fan of converses as most people are today. Go to any mall and you will see at least 15 pairs of converses not including the ones on display in the stores! They were once used for basketball, but now they’re usually worn just to make a fashion statement, or at least make you think you’re making a statement given the fact the almost every teenage American has a pair. I recently purchased a pair of clear glow-in-the dark Converses and have boasted them to all my friends. They’re especially fun to wear to the movies because they glow in the dark.:) One of my favorite things to wear is a plain teeshirt, jeans, and a funky pair of converses, like my glow-in-the dark pair. They are most certainly a trend here, at my school. I am pretty sure they are everywhere else as well. If not they should be, they are one awesome pair of shoes!

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