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Beauty products that make you smile!

Meet the Eos team! Natural beauty products that make both your mind and skin happy. Turns out that having a chap-stick in your purse shaped like an orb can make your day seem just a little bit better. Besides looking cool, they actually do work really well! My personal favorite is the hand lotion(The one that looks like a stone).

It leaves your skin super smooth and smelling great! I also really like the chap-stick orbs. The lemon one gives you sunscreen,tangerine gives you medicated relief for when your lips are really dry, and the melon one smells amazing!

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My absolute favorite store for buying cosmetics is Lush! I absolutely love their lotions. You really have to go to a Lush store to get the full experience. The workers are always really funny and friendly. All of the products they sell are all natural and work really well! They also smell scrumptious! Out of all of the products they sell I would recommend getting Dream Cream, Ocean Scrub, Lemony Flutter, and Lip Scrub. If you want to keep your hands beautiful follow these steps: First, apply Lemony Flutter, then use the Ocean Scrub to get most of it off,  next you rinse off the scrub. Finally you apply Dream Cream all over your hands! This routine will keep your hands soft and moisturized! With winter season looming in the near future it’s important to keep your hands in the best condition possible. 

Cosmetics from Nature

Make-up that’s good for your skin!

For a long time my mother refused to wear any make-up of any kind for any reason. Finally I convinced her to try the make-up I had been using for a couple of months. The make-up is called Bare Essentuals. She ended up loving it for three reasons:

#1:It’s so light you can’t feel it on.

#2:It doesn’t look like it’s on but, it makes your complexion look much better.

#3:It’s actually good for your skin, unlike other make-up.

I love it as well for the same reasons. I never like to much make-up on at once so Bare Essentuals is prefect for me. Now I have to say that the powder it’s made of does get a little messy while putting it on, but is fairly easy to clean up.

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