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Neon Nail Trend

Neon Nail Trend

Christian dior

$17 – mimco.com.au

Nars cosmetic
$22 – liberty.co.uk

Nails Inc nails inc
$18 – debenhams.com

China Glaze neon nailpolish
$16 – nelly.com

NYX matte nailpolish
$16 – nelly.com

Neon nailpolish

Opi nailpolish

Neon nail polish

Neon nail polish

Viva La Diva orange nail polish
$7.94 – nelly.com

Matte lips

While visting my local ULTA store, I discovered this amazing new lip product by NYX called Soft Matte Lip Cream. I was pretty curious about what matte lips might look like, so I bought it and tried it on as soon as I got home. Turns out shine free lips look pretty good! I actually really like it. The texture is just like normal gloss, but it has absolutely no shine. It looks like the color you have on is completely natural! Although, make sure you exfoliate or add lip balm before and after you use it; if you don’t it makes your lips look dry. It also dries them out a little after use too. Anyway, it’s also really inexpesive(around $5.00), so you can afford to be curious and try it!

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