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Classic style!

Plaid, stripes, and a bit of attitude make a classic outfit great! Classic is one of my favorite styles for spring, so I thought I would show you a couple of cute ideas. If a classic outfit is put together right, it should look very put together, but not to stuffy. This outfit is a perfect example: 

I love this outfit for a couple reasons: 1.The striped dress is super cute and a must for any classic wardrobe. 2. The tote and clip add a girly twist to the outfit, making it look less uptight, as many classic get-ups do. 3. The sandals make it look really summery! This outfit would be great for grabbing lunch with friends or going for some afternoon shopping. Anyways, you know how you always have this choice on a summer rainy day, you could wear your pretty sandals and get them and your feet wet,or you can wear your ugly clunky rain boots? Well, this outfit solves that problem!

The pink boots are perfect for looking cute on a rainy day! The bright color, bow, and heel makes them pretty, but they’re completely water-proof ,so your pedicure stays nice and dry! Also, the bright yellow polo adds a ray of sunshine to a dreary day. Plus, the umbrella and plastic tote make being rain-prof stylish. Pearls add a sophisticated preppy touch, while the bangles keep it fun! A perfect rainy day outfit with a classical vibe!

Finally, a school outfit! Casual and versatile meet preppy style!

This outfit is perfect for the comfort needed at school, but without sacrificing style! The Tom’s flats have the support your feet need to lug books around all day! Also, the outfit isn’t to dressy,or to casual, making it perfect for school!

Until next time!

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