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The Great Outdoors

When you think of plaid and cable knits, you usually think about lumber jacks or possibly the golf course(depends on color). Well think again, because this fall it’s the chic way to look outdoorsy! To master this trend, find cute dress with some plaid print and a cuddly bear hat to keep your ears warm. You can even throw a cable knit sweater to ensure you look great!

Fall Footwear

The latest trends in fall footwear! The most popular trend I’ve seen so far is military boots. There are so many different versions of them! If you are really edgy you can try mixing them with your girliest dress to make a really unique outfit. There are also a lot of booties this season. There are even military booties!

Winged out!

All of sudden I started seeing all of these models winging their eye color out to the side of their eyes. I think it looks pretty cool! Apparently it was popular in the 60’s as well, my mom used to wear her makeup that way! There are a couple different types of eyeliners you can use; gel, marker,and brush. You can get all this stuff at your local Sephora or cosmetic store. Now you have to put it on! First you put eyeliner on as normal. Then when you reach the end of your eye stop and position your brush in the corner. Next swoop up creating a lightly curved line. Make a line from your eye to the line you just drew. Finally fill the gap in and you have beautiful winged eyeliner! Next you have to do the other eye. Follow the same steps I just told you paying careful attention to the angle you did your last eye at and try to make this eye’s as close as a match as you can. At last you have beautiful winged eyeliner! If you want you can now add color! Fiddle around with it until you get it exactly the way you want it.


Feather Frenzy

The scoop on the latest trend!

I’m not sure if it’s a trend anywhere else, but the hottest new thing here is to wear a feather in your hair. After I started noticing that nearly everyone had one, I did a little research and found out how they work. Apparently the feathers are held in  place by a tiny bead that is squished to the feather and your hair. The first step to putting one in is selecting a small strand of hair in which you want the feather on, then you thread the bead on by using a string (rubber band, fishing line ect.). Then once the bead is in your hair push the feather into the bead. Next take a pair of pliers and push on the bead. Do this a couple of times to ensure the feather is secure. Then you have a stylish feather in your hair! Supposedly you can flat iron, curl, blow-dry, and wash them. This is a great alternative to color for girls with dark hair because you don’t have to bleach your hair.

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